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Do I need to verify my transactions in Banxe?

According to Banxe Terms and Conditions, the Banxe AML team may perform transaction checks on a regular basis. This procedure is performed to ensure the safety of your funds. 

Although each case is individual and depends on different criteria, the following documents may be requested to approve the transaction:

  • Bank statement from the account on which the Client’s fixed assets are accumulated in the last year
  • Tax return for the last reporting year 
  • Official Declaration for the last reporting year 
  • Tax Resident Certificate 
  • A contract of donation, sale of real estate, hiring, for the performance of work or the provision of services, or another similar document confirming the receipt of incom

In case the documents are required, you will receive an email from our Support Team. As soon as you provide the necessary information regarding the transaction, our team will evaluate it and approve it in one working day.