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How does the Banxe Referral Program work?

You can earn up to $15 per every friend that you invite to Banxe.

You receive $15 for every new client that uses your referral code or link during their registration. If your friend invites a new user you are also rewarded with $10. If your friend's friend invites a new user you will receive an additional $5. 

You can find your referral code and a link in your Personal Account

Here is an example to better understand how the Referral Program works:

When you invite Amy - you will receive $15 after her Banxe account is verified. When Amy invites her friend Sara and Carl, you will get $10 for each, after their accounts are verified. And when Sara invites her friends John and Mike - you will get an additional $5 for John’s and $5 for Mike's verified accounts. 

Please note that you receive a reward only after a new referral client verifies their account and has a total balance of €50 or more. A total balance is an equivalent of all the assets in their account (the new referral may store funds in both crypto and fiat). 

You can read read Referral Agreement before you start. 



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