Banxe Help Centre

How to create a business account with Banxe?

In order to create a Business account with Banxe, you need to first create a personal account in your name.

After your personal account is set up, click on the menu in the upper right corner (the arrow next to your name) and choose ‘Open a business account’.

You will be transferred to a page where you can download the Application Form that will need to be filled in and uploaded to create your business account.

To open a corporate account with Banxe, there are two payments: a fee for the document review and a fee for opening an account. Those are payable separately in two installments.

The application form will require you to enter registration data of the company, the reason for opening an account, business activity information, business partners, information about the customer representative, and information about beneficial owners and governing shareholders.

Please fill in the application and upload it in the Add Documents section of the same page. Our team will review your application and get back to you with further steps.