Banxe Help Centre

How do I send Crypto from my Banxe account?

To send crypto from your Banxe account, on the main page of your account, click the button ‘Send Crypto.’  You will be transferred to a page where you can proceed with crypto payment to a crypto wallet or to a Banxe user.

If you need to send Crypto to a wallet outside of Banxe, choose the option ‘To Wallet.’

Then you will need to choose the crypto wallet from which you would like to send the funds (matching the cryptocurrency you would like to send). You will then input the address of the crypto wallet, network, and the amount.

Every transaction from your Banxe account will be confirmed with a 2-factor authenticator code, sent to the device of your choice. After you click the button ‘Send,’ the code will automatically be sent, and you will need to enter the code in the designated field on the screen.

Please note if you enter the wrong crypto address or select the wrong network, the funds will be lost! To avoid errors, consider copying and pasting the receiver's address.