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How do I transfer money from Banxe to a bank account?

To transfer any of the supported fiat currencies to a bank account, on the Home screen, select ‘Send Cash’  (left button in the section Payments and Transfers) and choose ‘To Bank.’ Enter the bank transfer details for either an Individual or a Business, in case you’re paying a company. 

Once the Country of the recipient's bank has been added, choose from which account you would like to send the funds. Make sure to review the account details before you select Send; otherwise, your transfer may not go through successfully and could be returned to your account. In this case, additional fees may apply.

When you click the ‘Send’ button, you will receive an SMS or email (depending on your choice of two-factor authentication, with a code to confirm the transaction. Once you confirm the code and your transfer is submitted, it can’t be canceled, so make sure you verify that your recipient's account details are correct.