Banxe Help Centre

How do I transfer money to my Banxe account from another bank account?

You can use your Banxe account to receive transfers from other banks. Your Banxe account is a multi-currency account, meaning each currency account has unique account details to receive transfers.

From the Home screen, choose ‘Top Up’ and select the ‘Bank Transfer’ tab. On the right side of the page, choose the currency under ‘Account’. Please note as soon as you select the currency, the details for the Bank Transfer will change accordingly.

When instructing a transfer to your Banxe account, ensure that the account details are used exactly as they are shown in the Banxe account. Using the wrong information to initiate a transfer will cause it to be declined and an additional fee will apply.

To ensure that the sender receives the correct details for your transfer, use the ‘Copy all’ button at the bottom and then paste it into a message to the sender. You can also download the PDF with your account details and provide them to the sender or bank.