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List of High Risk Countries and Countries that can not be onboarded with Banxe

Please, find below the list of the countries that are considered as High Risk and that can not be onboarded for the business account with Banxe.

Please note, that the Risk Scoring affects the amount of fee charged for application review and for account opening. You can find more information about fees here.

Country ISO 3166-1 alpha3 Risk Score
Afghanistan AFG Restricted
Albania ALB Restricted
Antarctica ATA Restricted
Bouvet Island BVT Restricted
Burundi BDI High
Democratic Republic of the Congo COD High
French Southern and Antarctic Lands ATF Restricted
Haiti HTI High
Heard Island and McDonald Islands HMD Restricted
Iran IRN Restricted
Iraq IRQ High
Lebanon LBN High
Libya LBY High
Mali MLI High
Mozambique MOZ High
Myanmar MMR Restricted
Netherlands Antilles ANT Restricted
Nigeria NGA High
North Korea PRK Restricted
Palestine PSE High
Panama PAN High
Philippines PHL High
Russia RUS Restricted
Somalia SOM High
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands SGS Restricted
South Sudan SSD High
Syria SYR Restricted
Tanzania TZA High
Turkey TUR High
United Arab Emirates ARE High
Venezuela VEN High
Yemen YEM High